Creating A Legacy Of Best

VIETINDO is a sustainable solution for World wide mineral and energy production in commodity and trade. Our business is to consult and develop technical team service in Mineral and Coal mining requirements to meet the particular demands of customers. We have voluminous experience working with mining operations and processing efficiency of air-moving equipment.

01. Environmental And Social Responsibility

Providing comprehensive Coal mining services to coal mine operators is the focus of Vietindo Energy Resources. Using geological and geotechnical expertise, our technical staff assesses mining conditions and develops plans and schedules to implement operations from initial site assessment to completion.


02. Coal Reserves That Would Otherwise Be Sterilized At A Low Cost

Surface coal mining involves the principle that operations must cease in an area once the cost of uncovering the coal approaches its sales value. Consequently, coal mining companies are faced with both problems and opportunities. To meet regulations, the final excavation must be rehabilitated without generating revenue.

03. Stand-Alone Coal Mining Capability

In comparison with other equipment, our drills are self-contained diesel-powered machines that can operate without a lot of assistance.

Since our augers cause minimal disruption to existing operations on-site, they are very attractive to customers due to their operational flexibility.

A standalone AM 1500 coal recovery auger can produce over 40,000 tonnes per month with a maximum cutting head diameter of 1.83m and an in-seam penetration depth of 200m. The following features are also included:

  • Mining thick coal seams with double pass augers using vertical self-jacking of up to 2.6m
  • A bench incline of 8° allows operation in seams that dip up to 20° from horizontal.
  • Powering the hydraulics and other auxiliary equipment is a 500-horsepower diesel motor and a 1,500-horsepower diesel motor that drive the augers and conveying equipment.
  • Covered walkways and a canopy to protect against falling objects Flights of drills can be loaded and unloaded remotely.

Gas-Sealed Seams Can Still Be Mined Safely

Safety is a priority for Coal Augering Services. The company’s safety performance is among the highest in the industry because of its low manning level and high safety focus.


In the cab where the auger operator works, all machine functions are controlled by an air-conditioned and protected system.

A three-person crew operates the drill, including the auger operator, the stacker operator, a coal clearance supervisor dedicated front-end loader, and another to assist with auger flight management.

To maintain an inert atmosphere during the extraction of coal seams with high methane levels, we operate an inert gas generating (IGG) unit.

Is there a price estimate available?
If you would like a pricing estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will also conduct an on-site survey to provide an accurate price estimate.
Are the licenses in your possession?
We have acquired all the necessary certifications and permissions to meet all regulatory requirements.
Are you confident that your team has the necessary experience?
Each member of our team has decades of experience in mining and exploration. A background check is also performed on all employees, ensuring maximum professionalism and safety.

Why We Are Different

Whenever and wherever we operate, we will engage our stakeholders to understand and consider their needs in the development and execution of operations. Strategies to achieve a Zero Harm standard will be developed by identifying and managing all potential risks, impacts and opportunities in relation to occupational safety and health, environmental and social aspects. All our business decisions are based on these considerations to mitigate negative impact, ensure long-term financial liability and enhance social benefits.

It is our aim to approach mining differently, by following an environmentally conscious process focused on minimizing our carbon footprint and increasing efficiency. We treat water and energy as valuable resources and work to constantly improve the mitigation of our greenhouse gas emissions. We are broadening our efforts to minimize

waste generation and maximize the recycling of waste to reduce its health and environmental risks. We are developing and executing a comprehensive and integrated mine closure plan. Ultimately, we acknowledge the life cycle throughout every aspect of our operations, to achieve optimal and safe performance, protect the environment and be responsive to changing environmental conditions by balancing social needs and a sustainable circular economy.

Finally, it is also our responsibility to empower local communities to achieve their potential by optimizing every opportunity to create an independent and resilient economy. We respect the fundamental rights of our employees and local communities, and ensure that everyone within the company understands and respects these rights.