Port Services


Port Services

Today, many countries rely heavily on seaports to fuel their prosperity and economies, including Vietnam. Bordering the East Sea from 3 sides, south and southwest. Vietnam with an S-shaped strip of land with a coastline of 3,260km is convenient for the development of port services.

Taking advantage of available advantages, Vietindo Resources Logistics was established with the mission to promote Vietnam’s logistics capacity and strengthen trade connections with goods from many parts of the world in bulk and bulk cargo. Currently, Vietindo Resources Logistics has been successful with many ports in Vietnam.


Why Should Choose Vietindo Resources Logistics Port Sevices

Vietindo Resources Logistics is a Joint Venture with SA Port (international port), SA Port International Port and domestic ports.

Vietindo Resources Logistics has been successfully cooperating with ports in Vietnam SA PORT in Halong City

The total length of the wharf is more than 2.2 km, located at convenient locations from North to South

The loading and unloading capacity is up to 60,000 tons/day.

Concentrate on exploiting places where investment is being strongly developed in the seaport system to build logistics service centers.

Seaport service quality meets customer satisfaction with high reliability.

In particular, Vietindo Resources Logistics is racing to complete the SA Port project with a total area of 534,251 m2. In which, the expected warehouse area is 191,254.56 m2 and the yard is 97,741.51 m2.


Vietindo Resources Logistics Port Service

Vietindo Resources Logistics has the capacity, equipment, dedicated team and expertise to provide the following services and handle most agricultural commodities, packaged bulk, and others such as:

  • Book and arrange berths for all types of ships (domestic ships, international ships) and barges. Size from: 500 Dwt – 90,000 Dwt.
  • Full range of cargo handling services.
  • Loading and unloading goods from ships to trucks through the port weighbridge.
  • Loading and unloading from ship to barge/coastal vessel via hanging scale.
  • Loading and unloading ships into the warehouse through the port weighbridge.
  • Counting/weighing.
  • Check the goods.