Mining Exploration


Mining & Exploration

Vietindo Energy Resources is a reliable name in the mining industry as we have acquired a team of technical experts that continue to work on behalf of our clients. Our team includes geologists to ensure on-time and efficient geological fieldwork and help advance the mining and exploration project through different phases with extreme ease.

When you come to us for mining and exploration services, we will send the most experienced and professional team of geophysicists, geologists, and other specialists to create a mining footprint. In addition,

we leverage the lead exploration campaigns on behalf of our clients. Our mining and exploration services are designed to offer full-range and turnkey solutions.

Our mining and exploration services are focused on security and safety. In addition, organize and manage the logistics to make sure there are no compromises on the value. Also, it allows our team to work on the mining project and focus on the technical aspects of finding the desired mineral deposits and coal sites.


Mining Our Own Business

We commenced production and operations in 2000, and as of 2020, we have produced approximately


Focused On Quality

At Vietindo Energy Resources, we acknowledge that the success of mining and exploration projects entirely depends on the accuracy and reliability of the data. We take pride in being part of our program’s mining and exploration success. We have coal exploration and mining professionals that promise the fastest turnaround time on the key information to make the right decisions.

As a part of the mining and exploration services, we have coal exploration management services that allow us to complete the initial planning with utmost accuracy. In addition, we ensure top-notch mapping, delineation of the target, and drill hole spotting. Moreover, we submit the samples for analysis as we have contacts with advanced laboratories.

To deliver such excellence, we have acquired state-of-the-art machinery that offers industry-standard results without compromising on the accuracy of results. Similarly, we conduct multiple analyses, such as core analysis, coal bed methane analysis, and petrographic analysis, to make sure the results are accurate.


Leveraging Eco-Friendly Practices

At Vietindo Energy Resources, we understand that we have a responsibility toward the environment. For this reason, we are always updated about the new regulations and laws associated with the mining and exploration services to meet them. In addition, we have invested in emission-controlling technology to make sure the environmental conditions are kept in control.

We conduct regular environmental investigations in the field, so our clients can tackle the challenges thrown at them by government associations.

Our Core Values:

  • In-depth field design and construction
  • Contract and drilling management
  • Regolith mapping
  • Implementation of the chain of custody
  • Ensuring proper protocol design
  • Constant improvement and innovation
  • Leveraging advanced technology


1. Do you offer price estimates?
Yes, you can reach out to us anytime for a pricing estimate. Our team will also conduct an on-field survey to provide an exact pricing estimate.
2. Do you have the licenses?
Yes, we have acquired all the certifications and permissions to make sure there are no compromises on meeting the regulations.
3. Is your team experienced enough?
Everyone on our team has decades of experience in the mining and exploration field. In addition, they are all checked for background, promising zero compromises on professionalism and safety.