Supporting Facilities


Our Transportation Facilities

Our Batu Hijau concession is spread across 12,000 hectares of land on the island of Sumbawa. Our 200-hectare town site is also located within this concession area.

We need to constantly move our people across this distance, import food and other goods into the island, export mine material from the mine and guarantee safe evacuation procedures for emergencies. To do all of this, we have a substantial fleet of transport vehicles for use on land, in the air and at sea.


For land transportation, we have several buses of varying capacity, including 15-seater, 25-seater and 47-seater buses. The bus stations and terminals are strategically located across the site to provide easy access for our employees to travel to their work areas.


For sea transportation, our speed boat is used to transport employees in and out of the site.


Our air transportation features a seaplane, which is used for business purposes. We also have a helicopter that is mainly used for emergency evacuations and travel to the exploration area.


Powering Change

Due to the remote location of the Batu Hijau mine, we invested in our very own power plant that generates electricity for the whole mine. There was no other option but to build our own source of electricity to continue operations at the site.

The power plant runs off coal, a safer option for the environment as it is low in sulfur and ash. The coal is used to power a steam turbine, supported by 9 diesel engines

with a combined power output of 165 MW. The plant is 25 years old and is expected to last for at least another 20 years.

As a company that places top priority on sustainability and environmental conservation, we have also been looking for alternative sources of electricity such as solar, gas and nuclear power.