Vietindo Resources Logistics Warehouse/Parking Rental Service

In the past few years, Vietnam has been witnessing the rapid development of the import-export and logistics industry. From machinery, goods, food, medicine to e-commerce, gradually becoming the main stimulus for the development of domestic warehouse / yard rental services.

Warehousing and storage is an integral part of the business activities of each enterprise in the field of import-export and logistics. Warehouse / yard rental services are extremely necessary to keep goods safe, secure, cost-effective and completely proactive in management.


Why Choose Vietindo Resources Logistics Warehouse/Warehouse Service?

With a strategic location adjacent to key port areas, and a large-scale warehouse system, Vietindo Resources Logistics is proud to be the best warehouse / yard service provider to customers. Vietindo Resources Logistics owns a chain of flexible, convenient, safe and highly secure warehouse/yard models, located in prime locations that are the lifeblood of the North-Central-South key economy.

  • Total warehouse area is over 1,000,000m². Reaching an average capacity of up to 3.5 tons/m2.
  • The leading unit in warehousing services in Vietnam for bulk cargo, bulk cargo, goods, ensuring management and preservation standards.
  • Helps reduce costs for customers when moving goods from port to warehouse
  • Responsible for controlling and looking after goods with a monitoring system
  • When customers choose Vietindo Resources Logistics warehouse / yard service, a modern warehouse system will sustainably accompany customers on the way to reduce the burden of control and preservation.

Vietindo Resources Logistics High-Quality Warehousing System:

Vietindo Resources Logistics invests in bonded and non-bonded warehouses/yards located in very convenient traffic connections to minimize costs for partners spread across Vietnam.

  1. Port cluster in Phu Thai (Hai Duong province) includes ports
  2. Truong An Port occupies an area of up to 70,000 m 2
  3. Phuc Son Port has an area of 25,000 m 2 .
  • Chan May Port is located in Thua Thien Hue province with more than 10,000 m 2.
  • Lien Chieu Industrial Park in the central key economic area – Da Nang has a warehouse up to 7,000 m 2 .
  • Port cluster in Phu My 1 Industrial Park (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) has a capacity of up to 191,159.9 m 2
  • Thi Vai General Port (BRVT): 250,000 m 2 .
  • Phu My General Port (Ba Ria-Vung Tau): 82,600 m 2 .
  • My Xuan International Port (Ba Ria-Vung Tau): 534,251 m 2 .
  • Warehouse at Toc Tien (BRVT): 35,000 m 2 .
  • And other small warehouses / yards with a total area of nearly 20,000 m 2

Vietindo Resources Logistics warehouse/yard services:

  • Unloading/unloading goods from warehouse to trucks and vice versa.
  • Bulk loading/unloading from the warehouse onto barges/coastal ships.
  • Tally/weigh at the weighbridge.
  • Dry bulk.
  • Bulk storage/cargo storage, bagging.
  • Disinfection/Inventory management.