Continuous Mining


Focused On Safety & Delivering Value

Vietindo Energy Resources is a reliable name in the mining industry as we have acquired a team of technical experts that continue to work on behalf of our clients. A continuous miner is backed out of the partially formed room, repositioned, and reentered to remove an additional 3 m of coal after the cut coal is loaded onto haulage vehicles.

Continuous miners from Sandvik are electrically powered, track-mounted machines designed for the continuous mining of coal and soft minerals. To create highly productive and reliable continuous mining solutions, Sandvik design engineers consider health, safety as well as the total cost of ownership.

The harshest and most remote landscapes have been the setting for our underground mining operations over the decades. By having open communication with the client, we can understand what they want, so we can deliver more than what they expected.

To deliver the best results for our clients, we prioritize safety at Vietindo Energy Resources. Complex underground mining projects are no problem for us because we have the right equipment and expertise.

Providing certainty and value are the cornerstones of Vietnamese Energy Resources’ services. For this reason, we provide full-service planning, exploration, development, production, and reclamation after closure. We can take on small and large projects for a full range of mining services.

According to the project requirements, we are part of a larger team. With a logistical supply chain embedded in our services, we can operate more smoothly and with greater certainty.


Quality Oriented

As a company, Vietindo Energy Resources appreciates how important it is to have accurate, reliable data for ongoing mining projects. We are proud to contribute to the success of our continuous mining program. In the shortest time possible, we provide decision-makers with crucial information on coal exploration.

Among our mining and exploration services, we provide coal exploration management services that allow us to complete the initial planning accurately. Aside from mapping, delineating the target, and spotting drill holes, we provide top-notch services. In addition, our laboratories have contacts with advanced laboratories that can analyze the samples.

Our state-of-the-art machinery delivers industry-standard results without compromising the accuracy of our results. Similarly, our results are validated by a number of analysis, such as a core analysis, a coal bed methane analysis, and a petrographic analysis.


Leveraging Eco-Friendly Practices

We Assist our clients in addressing government challenges by conducting regular environmental investigations.

It is our responsibility to protect the environment at Vietindo Energy Resources. Our mining and exploration services are constantly updated about new regulations and laws so that we can comply with them. To ensure the environmental conditions are controlled, we have invested in emission-control technology.


Board Of Commissioners

President Commissioner
Dr. Thao D.H. Ngo – Chairman & CEO / Founder of GROUP GLOBAL ONE. After 20 years of living and working in Denmark and Germany. Dr. Thao D.H. Ngo has more than 25 years in the telecom and energy industries, with a broad range of executive management, commercial, operational, and strategy experience. Dr. Thao is an expert in market analysis, commercial strategy, and business building and digital transformation. He has a proven track record in directing large, complex, and multi-disciplinary teams and projects. In addition to wireless and renewable energy developments, he has extensive experience in corporate strategy, telecom, energy markets and policy, corporate affairs and regulation, and telecom & power project mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Thao has also led corporate venturing activities, launching significant new businesses within large corporations. Consultancy assignments have included commercial support to equipment suppliers, leading technical due diligence, and providing strategic advice for new market entry.
Suryadi Lais has held various positions in the public sector, he have experience mining industry in indonesia, drilling, exploration, coal, nickel.

Board Of Directors

President Director
Datuk Arman, ST has worked in the mining industry for over 26 years and has a well-rounded knowledge of the business — from operations, leadership and human resources to business development. His experience in multiple project expansions enables him to bring stability and credibility. He is an active member and advisor on several industry and mining associations, and he also obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in management from Malaysia University.