Our Future


Our Working Principles

At Vietindo Energy Resources, we have a belief system and working principles that guide our actions and behaviors at the company. To begin with, we ensure zero compromises on our standards because we strive for everything exceptional and continue to raise the bar for transparency, performance, and safety. In addition, we ensure efficient operations.

We create highly effective plans that allow us to leverage our assets properly because we understand that your time and money should offer value. To understand our clients and their needs, we try to walk in their shoes – it’s an apt

way of understanding what matters to them. In addition, we embrace the change in the field by embracing new technology and using smarter ways of operations.

  • Valuing diversity
  • Commitment to innovate and improve
  • Enabling and embracing new technologies
  • Following smart work ethics

Focused On Safety & Delivering Value

At Vietindo Energy Resources, we have made safety our first and foremost priority – safety has become instrumental in how we collaborate with our clients to deliver the best results for their mining operations. We have the equipment and expertise that enables us to tackle complicated underground mining projects like a breeze.

Vietindo Energy Resources has always been focused on delivering services that offer a combination of certainty and value. For this purpose, we have curated a full-range service, which includes planning, exploration, development,

production, and reclamation after closure. We can take on small as well as large-scale mining projects to offer full-range mining services.

We are working as a part of a bigger team according to the project requirements. To ensure the delivery of quality, we have embedded a logistical supply chain in our services that allow us to operate with higher flexibility and certainty.