Join Our Community

Join us and grow your career. We are a company that encourages everyone to think outside the box and challenge existing conventions. Here at Amman, we strive to be the best through constant growth, progress and innovation.


Investing In Our People

Vietindo listens and cares for its people. An investment in our people is as valuable as any other. This includes investing time and resources to empower our people, helping them enhance their skills, make a difference and eventually befit the role of a leader.


A Business Without Barriers

We believe that there is no question that cannot be asked and that every idea deserves to be heard, because successful organizations are built by those who defy conventions. We value our people’s ideas and opinions, especially those that could contribute to the company’s growth and development. This means being able to share your knowledge and ideas with the entire company, whatever position you may be in. At vietindo, everyone matters and every voice is heard.


Beautiful Surroundings Right Outside Of Work

Our central HQ is located in the heart of Jakarta, a bustling, modern city where a rich mix of cultures contribute to vibrant architecture, exciting nightlife and delicious cuisine.


Beautiful Surroundings Right Outside Of Work

We have developed an enviable town site to provide a lifestyle of wellness and comfort for our Vietindo employees. Here you will find comfortable homes, 24-hour medical services, stores, banks, sports facilities and a school for your children.