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Production engineers are responsible for supervising and improving production at factories and plants. Supporting engineering teams, developing safety protocols, reporting issues to management, and developing strategies to improve efficiency and profit. Keeping up to date on best practices is also essential for production engineers.

Our Production Engineers’ Roles

  • Ensure high-quality products are produced by planning and coordinating production engineering processes daily.
  • Maximize production by improving the use of equipment and materials.
  • Achieve production and financial objectives through the development of operational strategies.
  • Notify the manager immediately if unsafe operations or practices are identified.
  • Safety procedures and environmental regulations should be established for employees.
  • To ensure maximum production, provide engineering support for production and maintenance activities.
  • Reducing downtime and outages requires engineering analysis.
  • Make recommendations for improvements to current production activities.
  • Ensure high-quality standards are maintained while reducing costs.
  • Operational instructions and equipment specifications should be developed for production activities.
  • Assists team members in achieving production goals by providing training and guidance.
  • Ensure you stay up-to-date on product specifications, engineering technologies, and production processes.
  • Improve production quality, reliability, and capacity by developing best practices.
  • Determining the root cause of problems and finding solutions is part of the investigation process.
  • Monitor expenses and profitability and assist in budget preparation.

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Our Production Engineer core Values

  • Process and concept knowledge of manufacturing and production.
  • In addition to creativity, the production process should utilize modern technology.
  • A solid understanding of ISO standards is required.
  • Ability to lead effectively.
  • Ability to present effectively (both orally and in writing).
  • Ability to analyze and negotiate effectively.
  • Performing multiple tasks at the same time and adjusting priorities as necessary.
  • Ability to manage time effectively. Possess the ability to prioritize workload with minimal supervision and take the initiative to meet deadlines.
  • With a drive for success, you should be detail-oriented and action-oriented.
  • A good understanding of how policies and procedures should be interpreted and applied.
  • Teamwork skills as well as the ability to work independently.
  • A broad network of associates covering a variety of fields and the ability to interact effectively with them.
  • Computer Skills: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Visio, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project,
  • AutoCAD, Label software, and ERP Systems


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We are offering customized services as per your demands and negotiating with customers as well. We have completed 250 plus projects in different dynamics.

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Where does a production engineer work?
A production engineer works for a company that makes products – from food, drink, and chemicals to clothing, cars, aircraft, and printing equipment. The engineers design, build and maintain all factory equipment, including automated and computerized systems.
What are the types of productions we offer?
There are five main types of production: mass production, batch production, job production, just-in-time production, and flexible manufacturing.
What is the difference between a process and a production engineer?
In a team with production engineers or project engineers, the process engineer is expected to be the expert in the manufacturing process. Producing quality products is the responsibility of a production engineer.

Our Leaders

Board of commissioners

Rsz Ceo 1

Toni Noviar

President Commissioner
Toni Noviar is a prominent Indonesian business figure who has been with Medco Group — a significant shareholder of AMMAN — since 1997. Hilmi was the Vice-President of MedcoEnergi, from 1997 to 2001 and has since held various positions within the company. He currently serves as a member of the Risk Management Committee, as well as Director and Commissioner of several entities within the MedcoEnergi group of companies. Graduated in geological engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung, he was later awarded master’s degrees from both Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University and Colorado School of Mines.

Surydai Lais

Surydai Lais has held various positions in the public sector, including the Head of Legal of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) Regional Secretary Office and the Head of the Youth and Sports Division of the Youth and Sports Affairs Agency of NTB. His extensive experience in leading various government institutions within NTB Provincial Government has led Andi to become the President Director of PT Daerah Maju Bersaing, a regional-government-owned enterprise representing NTB in the ownership of PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, and the Commissioner of PT Multi Daerah Bersaing. Andi holds a master’s degree in law and management and has completed non-formal legal drafting education in Australia and Widya Iswara at the State Administration Institute.

Our Leaders

Board of directors


Suharjito, ST

President Director
Suharjito, ST has worked in the mining industry for over 26 years and has a well-rounded knowledge of the business — from operations, leadership and human resources to business development. His experience in multiple project expansions enables him to bring stability and credibility to the smooth transition of ownership to PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMNT). He is an active member and advisor on several industry and mining associations, and he also obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in management from Bina Nusantara University.